Roberto Capuzzo Dolcetta



Roberto Capuzzo Dolcetta (RCD) was born in Milan (Italy) on Nov. 1st 1953.
Married with one child. He is living in Roma.

He got his high-school degree at the Liceo Classico E.Q. Visconti (Roma).

He took his Laurea degree "cum laude" at the University of Roma La Sapienza in July 1977. Preparing his dissertation thesis he was supported by a fellowship provided by the Italian National research Council (CNR). After his Laurea he had another CNR fellowship until 1980, when he won two national wide competitions for permanent positions in the research staff of the observatories and of the universities. Before this he got also a Fulbright-Hays fellowship for studying in the USA. In 1980 he also was awarded of a research contribution by SISSA.


The didactic activity of RCD is very relevant, both on the point of view of direct teaching than that of organization duties.

Since July 1980 to July 2000 he has been working as full researcher at the University of Roma La Sapienza. In July 2000 he won a concourse as associate professor in astronomy and astrophysics (FIS/05) at the University La Sapienza, where now he teaches Numerical Methods for Astronomy, Superior Astrophysics and Stellar Astrophysics. He has also taught advanced calculus, theoretical mechanics, gravitational physics, celestial mechanics, stellar dynamics, etc.

He gave a series of lecture for PhD students in Astronomy and Physics of La Sapienza, as well as for PhD students in Physics of the univ. of Pavia.

He followed as supervisor more than 80 Laurea and Laurea Magistrale Theses and 12 PhD Theses in Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics.

He has taught in USA (1995) at the University of Washington at Seattle the course for undergraduates "Extragalactic astronomy and cosmology" and at the Boston University, where he gave lectures for graduate students on the topics of galaxies and stellar clusters.

He has given in 2008 two 3 hour lectures for the LUMSA 2nd level Master in Tutela Ambientale e Sviluppo Sostenibile.

He has given in 2010 one 2 hour lecture for the international 2nd level Master in Biogiuridica at the Biogem Inst. in Ariano Irpino (directed by Prof. O. Zecchino ans Prof. Gaetano Salvatore).

Since 2008 He is chairman of the PhD program in Astronomy of La Sapienza.

He is, since October 2012, member of the Scientific Board of the 2nd level Master in Calcolo Scientifico (Scientific Computing) of Sapienza, Univ. di Roma.

He is supervisor of the bachelor course in Physics and Astrophysics and of the MSci in Astronomy and Astrophysics.


His research activity is ongoing since 1980. It is mainly theoretical, in the field of stellar clusters, both galactic and extragalactic. He is also an expert in sophisticated numerical methods to deal with large self-gravitating N-body systems. He obtained, among others, important results concerning evolution and dynamics of the globular cluster systems in galaxies, proposing a new original explanation for mass accretion and activity of galactic nuclei.

He is leader of a scientific group at the Dep. of Physics, Sapienza Univ. di Roma. The group (acronym ASTRO) includes 3 permanent Researchers and 6 among PhD students and Post Docs

He wrote more than 160 scientific papers published in international magazines and international Proceedings, as well as didactic notes and papers of science popularization and the book "L'Universo" printed by Mondadori Publ.

A detailed description of his scientific activity and a summary of main results is found in here.

The most important results obtained are:

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important noting that all the RCD papers are written in small collaborations, the number of authors ranging from one to five. This is important to keep in mind when evaluating bibliometric parameters which should be weighted with the number of authors in order to give a reliable indication of the quantity of work done and its impact.
It may be interesting reading this note published by RCD on ROARS.

Among the various international collaboration, the most relevant have been with P. Hodge (Univ. of Washington, Seattle, USA), D. Merritt (Rochester Inst. of Technology, Rochester, USA), one of the most eminent theoretical astrophysicists, R. Spurzem (ARI, Heidelberg and National Astronomical Observatories (NAOC), China) and S. Portegies Zwart (Sterrewacht Leiden) both eminent experts in stellar dynamics and computational methods, and S. Mikkola (Tuorla Obs., Turku, Finland) leader in the few-body studies..

He is in constant touch with S. Aarseth (Cambridge, UK) and D. Heggie (Dep. of Math., Edinburgh, UK) and P. Kroupa (Argelander Inst., Bonn, Germany). All of them are available to send reference letters.

RCD is one of the promoter of the project ASTROCOMP, that was financed by the CNR, that lead to the production of a web portal that allows to use parallel codes for astrophysical simulations, as well as CPU time on large parallel platforms.

He gave invited talks and colloquia in several national and international institutions, among which Roma, Bologna, Napoli, Firenze, Padova, Torino; Boston, Heidelberg, Parigi, Mosca, Seattle, S. Pietroburgo, Victoria (Can), etc.

He has served as referee for all the main astrophysical journals, as well as for Computer Science and applied Physics and Mathematics journals.


He has been in the organizational board of six scientific meetings and schools: